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Femi Ashamo
Thursday 28 February 2019


A man should be alone sometimes

It is required for his sanity 

Alone in a place, in his mind

Alone in his dwelling cut out from but still within humanity


A man should be alone

He should seek to be alone

Under a tree he should rest,

Under leaves branched out with its fruit and birds

A visitor in nature’s nest

He should lock the door of his mind and in a dark room

Lit in the light of his mind

He should pace about with his hands behind his waist

Opening thought doors in a search of where he should belong

Where he should dwell; sometimes for a while

And if need be venture out knowing when and why


A man should be alone at times

You see existence offers so much clutter

Discussions here and there opinions from the gutter

A man should be alone to sift through the shredded crossword puzzles life throws at him

He needs to clarify, contrast, compare and then decide which is him

A man should be alone to write his thoughts

To draw conclusions

Set passions and goals

And yet understand life isn’t only about goals

A man should be alone to travel inwards and experience all the bubbles of impossibilities floating within him

He should hop from one to another experiencing it as real and smile when he has brought it forth as real


He should be alone to live several lives not materialized yet still have one life

A man should learn to be alone at times

I tell you

Here he will find that in the journey of life

Alone we came, alone we will go

And that there is a necessity for the evaluation of clarity

Here joy is felt

Thoroughly experienced and discovered from within

Here God reveals purpose and he says to you this shall forever be your pose

A man should learn to be alone

He should develop an awareness; a consciousness of his singularity

In the midst of the crowd

In the midst of his loves, he should be able to say from within “my beloveds”

And stretch out in the ever reaching arms of his mind

To hold their hearts, to grasp their feelings and become one with them


A man should be alone dragging his passions in a suitcase

Not to light as it might leave him and he wouldn’t realize a slight

Not too heavy and over packed

His passions should be concise, yet they should possess him

Compel him, be felt by him

Control him, but not throw him totally off the balance of sanity

For he does not require total sanity


A man should learn to be alone

Then he can write a poem

A song

Find his purpose

Paint the Mona Lisa

Discover electricity

Existence his shelter housing all he has brought as long as it permits him


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My Love

My Love

Emmaly  Zerrenner

Emmaly Zerrenner
1/23/2019 8:49:29 PM

Standing here together,
Your eyes
pouring cement over my feet.

Usually words are exploding out.
Veils flying up all around.

Now Jealous of the way a birds song

floats along.

The voice in my head asking
",Will I get out alive my love?"

Shadrech  Cayomble

Shadrech Cayomble
9/26/2018 8:01:59 AM

My Love oh my Dove
The day that our love 
would find its way
From my heart into your soul
Embrace It until it's wings grow tall
And It's legs cease to crawl
Then we shall stroll
Serene celestial shore
With you in my arms oh my Love

Victor Isaiah

Victor Isaiah
9/18/2018 7:07:20 AM

My love

O mother of affections,
Heartthrob of my spirit
Lovebird of a darling soul;
like a river, you let
Love flow through my heart
O my love.

Sahaj Sabharwal

Sahaj Sabharwal
7/1/2018 5:01:55 AM

You are my pain curing,
You are my thoughts hearing,
You are my progress rising,
That's why soul of mine is good..
You are that person who blessed me like a tactor,
You are my bene factor,
And don't let me lose hope,
That's why soul of mine is good..

Bola Akin

Bola Akin
3/11/2018 12:54:28 PM

When I saw him, my charming prince.
The burden that filled my heart,
melted away. At the sound of his angelic voice. Ho, my lovely charming prince.

Sola Akinnola

Sola Akinnola
2/8/2018 6:46:15 PM

A sweet sensation, I can sense the flavour.
As the butterfly, flying in my stomach.
Aroma and splendor of a beautiful live well spent.