Matthew Adewale

Biography: A lovely person with good sense of humour. Love poetry to the core and I major in political science. "A political sagacity is not a gireot esparility but is a jimbolical gimbolism."

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Matthew Adewale
Monday 1 April 2024

From Pound to Potter: A Tale of Creation

In the pounding of yam, the mortar rings,

With each resounding strike, a rhythm springs,

But in the potter's craft, a gentler sway,

For clay's form yields to the artist's play.

The mortar, sturdy, its purpose clear,

To crush and blend, without a fear,

Yet in the potter's hands, a different grace,

Each touch, each turn, a delicate embrace.

With yam and water, the mortar's might,

Produces sustenance, a meal's delight,

But in the clay, there lies a hidden art,

A vessel shaped from earth, to hold a heart.

The pounding yam demands strength and force,

The clay pot, patience, a gentle course,

In mortar's grind, sustenance we find,

But in the potter's wheel, beauty's defined.

So as we pound and shape, let's not forget,

The difference in touch, a subtle set,

For in the mortar's strength and potter's hand,

We see two crafts, by which we understand,

That in creation's dance, both strong and light,

We find the essence of our human plight,

For in the mortar's crush and potter's turn,

We see the lessons of what we may learn.


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