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Friday 22 March 2024

The Great Depression

Gang gang gang up

king king kingpin

The alarm bells rang.

The air was made to

stand on its feet

And the chameleon crew

After giving birth to a

baby elephant.

The clock ticking backwards

Swallowed paracetamol

for my headache-

Landed on the

zero hour-

The zero, zero hour.

I looked at the clock

with my sockets

and I said-

What is it?

There is an Ogre

on the mountain

Our chosen heroes are

doing their best; he said.

But everything is hard,

I said.

Then he stood down (our chosen hero)

A towering Ogugu owl

with tilted bat anus, antique face

and Agaba cap.


He said-

I will grant posthumous


to Osama and Escoba:

Let them with their

‘white girl’ and sarin

Do their things in our


Ikong ekpo would be

given freely

As palliative for

fuel subsidy and

The Great Depression.

                Bambo clot!

Those voters who think

say dem wise

Shall drink sweat

as water.

A cup of gari shall

be sold for ₦500

And everyone shall

get wahala enough-

To own legedes


Trekking from bokonic

island to haramic


Goodwill messages


They shall know

their God

And keep vigil in

filling stations-

Looking unto the hilly


From where cometh

our help

In this helplessly hopeless






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