Abiodun Oluwagbemi

Biography: I am a poet , a lover of beans and dodo

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Abiodun Oluwagbemi
Monday 15 April 2019


Grandfathers passed on at the age of NINETY
Few years ago daddy clocked FIFTY
I am now in my mid TWENTIES
3 Generation raised at different LOCALITIES
Still in the same country born in 1960

Over 160million lives in a large SOCIETY
Spreading across many CITY
All men living with different MENTALITY
Infact, I have lost the count of ETHNICITY
In my immediate COMMUNITY

Am proud of my NATIONALITY
Always boasting of our land FERTILITY
Endowed with colorful FESTIVITY
See everyone working hard to avert POVERTY
Even then, we all live in a land of PROSPERITY
Nation building is my PRIORITY

Say NO to thuggery by political PARTY
They only use you to destroy life and PROPERTY
And leave you to suffer the CASUALITY
You better get back to SENSIBILITY
Or else you will be abandoned as a NONENTITY

OH LORD, grant our young minds the AGILITY
Elders please don


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