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Biography: Ndife Esther is a 19year old poet, an ardent reader, a blogger and a podcaster. Easily intrigued and overly curious, she is always trying out new things and dropping quite the number as well. She has been writing from a young age on various genres but mostly poetry. Her first book, IN EVERY SHADE; a collection of poems is now available online. Get a copy now

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Esther Ndife
Friday 27 November 2020

The first journey

I was once afraid of words

Terrified of poorly written lines

Mystified over greatly written ones

More often drawn to my quiet lies


I chose voicelessness over feeling

The troubles of the mind aren't ruling

Often times mistaken

But not every thought needs voice


I understood the lines

Both in-between and the surface

There were sentences calling on my lips

Uncanny thoughts growing into verses


So I chose again

To learn or to run

To pick a wit or a pun

My path is still much unknown

But I have found that I'm not alone

And much decisions are not my own.










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