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Isaac Dejimodo
Tuesday 21 February 2023

Election Resolution

Welcome to the scariest period in Nigeria

The election period where violence infects like malaria

Where innocent citizens would be forced into black Marias

Where to win, corruption is a criteria

Where all forms of religionists go into Marathon prayers

Where even the electoral body is a player

In the game of deciding the wrong leader

For this afflicted country ,so pls dear reader

Vote wisely so Naija will be better

So hardworking Nigerians would stop receiving unwarranted sack letters

So that we would stop running Helter skelter for Naira 

So that our crude oil won't be stolen from the Niger Delta

So that into the promised land we go enter

Coz the situation can make us go mental

And they don't care about us at the central

Let's get ourselves out of this situation

Let your travail be your motivation

Let's start the revolution

And bring our country into a blessed dispensation


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