Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu

Biography: A renowned Poet and also a prolific writer who has contributed alot in world Poetry at large. Many of his works have been published in the sun magazine, The New Yorker, spillwords in New York, premium times Lagos, and hello poetry etc. He is currently a student of International relations in the Nigerian Army University Biu, Borno state.

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Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Friday 23 April 2021


A Poem.

Like a swollen balloon we grew
Like a bunch of broom we were
With unity we marched in the streets
As bold as a lion we were

Like a deeply rooted palm tree
That overcomes the desert's wind
Was our culture through the ages
When unity made us win life's stages.

Hard work was our legacy
Service was our policy
Certainly it was because of unity
We sang those songs of victory

But oh, gone are those days,
When we hold unto the word which says
"Sorgah Nanbong yii tuhd lihba?
Ai sai kya kangshi mohnda"
Meaning broomsticks must be
Bound as one to sweep a place.

Now our culture is sick
Like a wounded soldier 
Down in the battlefield
Where is that love for one another?

Let's sing of greed and mad ambition
That took away our our communal living
Unity was our pride, and source of satisfaction
Our pride is like a balloon punctured with a needle. 

Ah! my people, who are we?
Oh!my people, where are we?
Are we Godless nation?
No patriots,  lets build our nation

We must arise oh comrades 
And cast useless loads 
Of pride and covetousness
To vulcanize our cultural pride
We need unity, equity, and love

God save Nigeria
God save our culture 
God safe Your people
God safe our land

©Yaksport Josiah   


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