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Monday 30 November 2020

New Axis From Excavation




Oh Hope is what you cherished

Oh you were born on this day

Oh it was sequence of no other time

Oh the trumpet was blown

Oh the was a shout

Oh someone special was reborn 

Oh some many digout he escalated

Oh he was named alpha with us

Oh he went through different strains of


Oh he quest for certainty

Oh he was curious

Oh he seeks 

Oh he is tall and skinny

Oh he is hardworking in disguise

Oh I see spooky increment

Oh I see tranquility and decorum

Oh I see more pictures of wealth

Oh Think about the memories

Passing years can never mar

Oh with smiles I'm thinking about how much light and sparkle you're

Oh you freely dispense wherever you go,

Oh your sunny smile lights up any gathering

Oh Every birthday marks another year

of you radiating positive, happy energy,

contagious happiness

that infects all who come in contact with you

Oh May your new age flows glowing from within and beaming bright

Oh I see longevity as you move ahead

Oh flourish and remain a bigmano that can't be shaking.

Oh leave up to the task and challenges and you will be at that climax of life

Oh Aspire and you won't Expire.

Oh implore and explore and the sky will be your starting point.

Oh from trenches you will conquer, defeat and triumph.



          BE WARNED


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