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Alexander Adewole
Monday 13 May 2019

Renegade Of June 12

They came with a relish of revival
Battered our hopes with weaponry
And the people watched them amidst tears
Like a speechless cattle led to be killed.

The savor soon lost its flavour
Where tantalizing expectations punctured
By their sporadic PRC programs
Armed with basket promises, odd
Like their stenched khaki uniform

The jingle bells were alarmed
Crutches the pedestrian unconsciously
To their awaiting curiosity.
Who siren called off our road
Leading a despotic machine knight
To their selfish mission....

You who annulled their mission
Also armed their saviour
But the chronic patient ailments
Lay with the thoughts... June 12.

The streets thronged with stones
Through clashes of grenades
That caught our ethnic walls
And by that words they slaughtered
Many to the prime graves.

Hear, oh king knight of night.
The baby cries
Through their Mother's thoughts
Hostage their fathers in house insoucince arrest
Like a caged monkey for a circus.

And people, oh our people poised artlessly:
The chanting brouhaha of rioted forces
The fleeting flibbertigibbet gossips
The rumble dance of fugue melody
The grumpy drops of local howitzer
The guffaw hoarse of arrest

Sunk in thoughts for hundred awhile
Like a matted scar on an open wound
Their howdah insignia composure
Poisoned their tens of thousands
And with truncheon and koboko
They chased many to the ocean with scarlet

By Adewole Alexander

©️ 1995
This poem was composed during the regime of General Abacha


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