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Biography: I am a poet of many worths An amorous quest for my heights Of many who care to listen to my thoughts I am a poet of many desires

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Alexander Adewole
Wednesday 29 May 2019

An End of You

Your story was written on a tabloid
For many who passed this earth -bound
Running through a canvas painting
To will the treasures the murky test
Of primrose path that fades in the night.
Life and death foes bound by the same
And we have become a mouse trap
In the cold hand of death.
The man died in vain -
Telling us your beautiful houses are nothing
Telling us the fleet of cars unused
Your niceties small talks at meetings gone
Your mistresses of peroxide blonde vanished
Telling us tales of woes and pleasures
Against the bidders of their mother's pride.
Your power and fame in the morgue
Your pancake sterilized skin are food for the maggots
And your memoirs a history waste bin
That has not been read for years.

By Adewole Alexander


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