Olamide Odediran

Biography: I am a poet with the pen name Uniqueeunice,am also a model who likes reading and writing.

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Olamide Odediran
Saturday 19 June 2021


Stealthily from behind

He grabbed me

Just like a predator pin down its prey

He pounce on me

His hand groping my body

The other covering my mouth

Not a cry i can make

In muffled tones

I pleaded

On his deaf ears

My pleas fell



He ripped my clothing 

closing his eyes

To feel my youthful body

In oblivion to the pains

He is inflicting on me

Smiling victoriously 

He tore off the last barrier between us

I felt broken

As his eyes travelled over my body

Lying helplessly 

Under this monster

Watching as he devalued me

New feeling of hatred

Surges through me

He dominated me

He overpowered me

He took away my pride

He punctured my dignity 

Murderous thoughts

Filled my mind

Recounting his exciting tale

To his devilish buddies

I live to tell the gory part

Freely i thread not

Without the watchful eyes of the people

Yet my oppressor walks

Like the lord of the land






He overpowered me

If i break his head

Will i be prosecuted?

He shattered my dreams

If i stabbed him

Will the world point fingers at me?

He punctured my dignity 

If i kill the monster

Will i be labelled a MURDERER?



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Emmanuel Uwe Etim

Emmanuel Uwe Etim
9/10/2021 12:00:53 AM

The moon witness' us,
At the blouse of tensed sunset,
Love, the name we bare.

Etim Emmanuel Uwe 

Mighty Oluwayemi

Mighty Oluwayemi
8/20/2021 6:00:53 AM

And crazy they went
Vows and promises they put on head
14/2 marks their death

Obiageli Odukwe

Obiageli Odukwe
7/12/2021 3:24:13 AM

Dear Valentine

Val' as you are,
Val' as it is,
Val' I engage. 

Uche Ahunanya

Uche Ahunanya
7/9/2021 5:34:33 PM

Gently receding
Beneath the horizon 
Fom whence she did rise 

Yusuf Dauda

Yusuf Dauda
6/19/2021 2:43:23 PM

In the hallow of your beauty my heart dwelled, I sight the beams, i smell the charms of your overwhelming perfume, the power of my enduring heart fails me; then I plight to love you forever!


Precious Olite

Precious Olite
5/26/2021 4:56:57 AM

Under the orange ray of dusk,

The sun is a mediator of two hands
Joined as one in love.

Victoria Stephen

Victoria Stephen
4/29/2021 3:44:07 PM

I just wish love can see me through the moonlight, set up a light for me in the darkness and guide me till am lost no more..