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Sulaimon Khalid
Tuesday 23 April 2024


   Watch your way,
Together with your steps,
To check if you are still on the rail,
So that you won't go astray.

     Watch yourself,
Be cautious of how you behave,
And be the controller of your behavior,
So that you won't end up earning nothing.

     Watch who you look up to as mentor,
And who you read as role model,
To know if truly they succeed in a clean way,
So that you won't be mislead.

     Watch who you walk with,
And those you call friends,
To check if they are upright,
So that they won't push you down.

     Hold to your left palm,
Think twice and wise,
And be careful of advice you receive,
So that it wouldn't lead you to destruction.

      Anywhere you go,
Remember why you exist there,
And how you get there,
So that your objectives won't be diverted.

     Any situation you find yourself,
Don't lose hope and prayer,
And remember who you are from the start,
So that you won't end up losing by depression.

© Sulaimon Khalid


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