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Shadrech Cayomble
Sunday 20 January 2019


Dear dear,
As the sun sets behind the brow
I solemnly declare my vow

I steadfastly wait for you on this balcony
Until I conquer your colony

The feathers of my heart soar all over
In search of you my lover

Oh little love beast where art thou?
Is it beneath the river bed?
Because I can risk swimming the crocodile infested Zambezi

Is it at the mountain cliff?
I'm ready to stride through the sharp edges of Kilimanjaro
Be the bow and I be the arrow

This heart is red filled with roses to the brim
And it bleeds with love extreme

My desire for you races at supersonic speed
How glorious You and I together
Like wakanda forever

be my Lady I be you lord
Your Baron and you my baroness

The cravings for you knows no end
Wend your way through my heart
Seal yourself within and append
Together like incense we may ascend
Above all clouds and storms,
All Fears and snares


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