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Ezra Bature
Wednesday 2 February 2022

Satan's Chronicle

Lucifer is his name, Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty..

Dazzled with brightness like a burnished gold..Holy and undefiled, he was first of the covering cherubs, precious and magnificent. 

Stood beside the great creator.. 

Almighty God rested upon him..

Honored above the Heavenly host,

Not content with his position, 

Disposition and dissatisfaction, 

Clouded with envy and self exaltation.


          The light bearer,

           throne attendant 

           Shearer of God's glory

           became Satan.. 

           Indulge in rebellion

           and cast out in Heavens.

Satan's enmity found a new field, 

He plotted the ruin of human race 

Great is his power of deceit..

cloaked in falsehood 

perfect in disguise..

incite disobedience..

He infused the guilt and penalty of sin         Man fall.!

        Life in toil 

       Cursed of sin

       Deception employed..

       Satan flattery and ensnare

For followers he seek, to settle in eternal Hellfire in anguished and torment, ceaseless gnashing of teeth with endless suffering..



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