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Friday 29 November 2019


Having you in my life has given me a sweet story to tell
You've not just taken over my senses, but you keep ringing in my head like an alarm bell
From the beginning of my life till I met you, things have never gone this well
But right now; your love has made me feel awesome, making me bid other girls farewell
Our love story have made people ask some silly questions like: did a wizard cast a spell?

When I met you for the first time, I saw an amazing beauty I never saw in the whole wide world
I starred at you uncontrollably like a dull student compelled to solve an equation on the board
Your beauty was overdose that I walked up to you, but I couldn't utter a word
Even when I tried to, all I could do was to blunder the words
You caused imperfection to my vision on other girls, now I see them blurred

Words can't really express and describe the quality of our love;
Maybe the 26letters of the alphabet aren't complete enough
All words can do is paint a colourless picture of my ladylove
If words could express our love, the poem I titled 'MY ADDICTION' would have done it all
Because it was a poem that had it all

Maybe 'INTOXICATED BY LOVE' would have done better
But I wasn't satisfied with the diction, which made me want to do better
I wrote again to you with 'THE REALITY OF MY SMILE'
And I was sure it caught your smile
Which made you speechless and couldn't utter a word for a while

I know reading this would make you put up a grin
I want you to know that it's intentional from me, because you've been with me through thick and thin
I just don't know how else to express this overwhelming love
But I want to promise you that I'll never stop loving you, till the day I leave this Earth for above
And nothing can break this promise, either from beneath the Earth, in it, or above


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