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Biography: A writer, artist and poet. Philosophical. "I love my world: Pen and Paper."

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Benedict Ugor
Wednesday 27 December 2023

My Little Seed

It all began as a little seed,

Small and tiny in my hand.

I had found it lying among the weed

In the lonely beach of sand.


My little seed was smooth and round

And I loved to play with it all around.

By letting it roll on the play-ground,

I watched it bounce and make a sound.


My precious little seed.

I made for it a locket,

Then put it in my pocket

To keep it safe and hid.


I wished my little seed would one day, grow

And become a tree – big and tall.

So I took it to the gardenm

Made a hole in the soil,

And there, I put my little seed.


I soon returned to find nothing.

Again I returned but nothing still.

Then my hopes began to sadden

As I stood there by the ground

Where I put my little seed.


Surprisingly, I returned in a few days

To behold a lovely little plant 

Freshly sprouted and brightly green

With a tender slender stem.

It had on it a crown of three delicate leafs

And tiny roots in rich humus soil.

I watched it sway beautifully in the air;

My lovely little seed.


Everyday, I would come to see it.

And each day, it increased in height.

Gradually and steadily, it grew

Then soon it reached up to my knees.

Adorned with flush green leafs

With its stem, erect and tall.


Soon, its height reached close to mine

And soon my seed and I

Were same in height.

Unable to believe my eyes,

I ran away to hide.


My lovely little seed:

Now, it stands so huge and tall.

The tallest tree in the garden.

And now, I come each day

To sit under its shade.



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