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Taiwo Adewuyi
Wednesday 12 April 2023

The Celebrated Murderer

He climbs the podium,

Gleaming teeth like sodium

Pervading the air with odium

To deliver his missiles of saliva.

This god of thunder

Who confuses Oxford with blunder

Speaks of war and plunder,

And diving body and life asunder

The people clap

The people clap

They do not understand his

Well-spoken nonsense

But the people clap

The people clap

He descends to the bleeding soil

To shed more tears

To shed more blood

But from afar sounds an angry gun

The people run

And the people run

Blood flows from the man in streams

Producing a chant of endless screams

The people run

The people run

But the celebrated murderer lies alone

Now nothing, but a sculpture of skin and bone.


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