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Olukemi Omoyeni
Tuesday 20 September 2022


When you are trusted, do not thrust the trust.


A once thrusted trust remains continuously thrusted.

Banking on a bank that has its branch on a bank is foolery,

Because it takes a fortune to put a bank on the bank.

Part a path and play your part, until you get to that part of the path where all you receive is Pats.

Sort your salts, whichever way it is,

Whether chilly or painful, all your sores will meet a pinch of salt.

We fight a war that started on the wall of wall street, now it takes crossing our walls to feed within our walls.

A real captain wears a cap that captivates all his captives and still ensures that the ship does not capsize.

You cut the Court, don’t come crawling to the Court, when your cut is cut.


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