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Tuesday 5 July 2022

The history of us

The history of us 

Could be a love story of fallen tribes 

All standing in one voice

It could be a fairy tale of kinsmen 

Marching in one accord, towards the oppressor and having our demands granted!


Our's is a tale of lambs,

Young lambs led to the slaughter

Without arms yet dismembered.

Hanging out white flags of peace & green/white/green

 yet crushed with the brute force of the military.

Hell-bent on peace and progress.

But their sordid response was our dread in tears and drench in bile.

Did we come this far, only to be crushed?

For like grapes, did we gush wine!

So much hope dashed on red bricks.

We all hoped this would be that wave of change.

But for the wheat to bear much fruit,

He must first fall to the ground and die,

This is the beginning of every great story

And ours is no different,

In losing self, we have found our power in unison.

Generations yet unborn, 

Would learn from our bravery

And our tomorrow would follow the cue.

The Nigerian spirit

Is that of a resilient fighter

A ferocious lion, whose roar can't be mistaken.

(&)On this day we bury our mark, on the sands of time.

We move.

David Adebiyi(SK).         2021

 Dedicated to our fallen Heroes.


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