Matthew Adewale

Biography: A lovely person with good sense of humour. Love poetry to the core and I major in political science. "A political sagacity is not a gireot esparility but is a jimbolical gimbolism."

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Matthew Adewale
Monday 1 April 2024

Resonance of Redemption

In shadows deep, betrayal's hand did creep,

A kiss of falsehood, friendship turned to dust,

Yet resonates in hearts, where trust does weep,

In every soul, the sting of faith betrayed, we must.

Denial's whispers, a coward's plea,

When truth stands tall, yet lips refuse its song,

In modern days, still we turn and flee,

From righteousness, we falter, doing wrong.

Upon the cross, redemption's weight he bore,

In agony, love's sacrifice displayed,

Yet now, indifference shuts the door,

To grace bestowed, in our world's charade.

But hark! From death's embrace, he rose again,

A beacon bright, in darkness' gloom,

In today's strife, his message does remain,

Of hope renewed, dispelling fear and doom.


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