Timilehin Adewinmisi

Biography: Adewinmisi Oluwatimilehin Samuel as Nigerian poet, playwright, dramatist, songwriter and art educator.He's passion for poetry has bought him recognition for his outstanding performance in poetry in Africa continent.He's a secondary school teacher, unveiling the works of Cultural and Creative Arts.

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Timilehin Adewinmisi
Saturday 15 October 2022

My Faith Never Dye

In darkest night,

while men surrender,

Out to lye.....out awake,

like a village hunter.


In darkest night,

while elegy rise.


I heard Jesus passing by...

I will draw him fix this heart,


since I long,waited and cry,

tho' you couldn't hear them loud.


I won't stop till I see, amid the cloud,

the voice of Him that make a way...Yaaah.


Tho' I loose my spark yet thirst to rise,

'cause my faith never dye.


tho' rough the way, journey of life,

surely goodness is mine...In Christ I stand.


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