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Javino Abrahams
Wednesday 19 June 2019

What if

What if we woke up 8:am and still see the night,
A continual flow through the day that might give you fright,
A shift of racism where whites are no longer white,
Would it change a thing and make everything right?

What if we heard in facts the secrets everyone we bond with hide from us,
Would we overlook the word in the dictionary thats called trust,
What if we learned no one changes and all married people do lust?
Would it matter for a change now or we are like this till dust?

Matters of thoughts hit the mind,
Words in solemn one of a kind,
Many can see clearly while many are blind,
But what if one day a bright future no longer shines,

What if we are just projects working on our life project?
And the truth that the body we live in is just an object,
The soul which thrives is a mere subject,
And the mind is not the mind if we easily forget,

What if all humans were to love each other the same?
And each and every individual had the same last name,
Would we still be at war causing each relative the same damn pain,
And because we are a family we have no one there to blame,

What if i never had this title what if?
And my words are not heard and dispensed like a mist,
People still have their visions and still have their wish,
trampling on thoughts that are just a part of a list,
So each day while i write i still think of what if!
By:Javino Abrahams


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