Ezra Bature

Biography: A graduate of Mass Communication from Kaduna State University Kaduna Nigeria... From Kaduna State.. Media Personal/Humaniatarian/A writer, poet/Editor....

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Ezra Bature
Monday 17 January 2022


Wiggle and jiggle 

Wiggle and jiggle 

bareness for breakfast 

Breast in bareness 

Dangle in nudeness...

Beneath pureness  

Foreplay to stupor 

Eyes rudeness, 

Pintle heartless 

Poontang sweetness 

Perfectness in missionary 

Moanful and whispers 

Submissiveness with gladness 

Nipples like needle

Suckle and tickle 

Tongue licking 

With stimulation and passion....

Sacrificed With satisfaction 

Sinless sinned!

Sacrilege but satisfied

Sacrifice the gift of marriage to merry....


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