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Sunday 11 December 2022

Letter to US Dollar

Letter to US dollar

How are you doing today my dear?

I will like to talk you like friend

I hope you will give a reply one day

Oh! I will love to hear from you

Can I ask you a question?

Why are you wicked?

Why are you heartless

Why are you full of yourself?

Why are you doing this to us?

Why are you pushing Africa?

Why are you pushing Nigeria?

What did we do to deserve this?

I thought we are friends

Do you know how lives you have sent to poverty

Do you a lot of political fraud going on in my country because of you

How can you be arising forgotten that many lives depend on you

A dollar is equal to 700 naira on exchange please have mercy

Stop increasing, I beg you

We have lost focused on our country

Our politicians always stole a lot of money just to match up with you

Our young ones went into fraud just because you

Our naira note cannot save us again

In the world ranking it is no where to be found

I confess you are values, anywhere in the world

But what about we, that is managing our little naira note

We can’t buy standard food again

We can’t purchase quality need and want

All because of you please have mercy on us

Stop increasing, that we may survive

Civilization started here, but we lost it

Am so sorry, who did this to us

Some say it is structural adjustment programme (SAP),

Initiated by Ibrahim Babangida

Forgive our selfish political leaders and have mercy on our poor ones

We can’t survive this if you continue like this

Let me tell you what you have done in my country

You just succeeded in creating unemployment that lead to fraudulent act

You just succeeded in looting public fund by our politicians because of exchange rate

You just succeeded in making our standard of living difficult

You just succeeded in creating underdevelopment in my country Nigeria

You just succeeded in causing a lot of killings in my country

Currency that we are not even in use

How did you even manipulate us like this?

Why did we depend on you so much for our survival?

Are you God?

Are you more important than our lives?

Why causing a lot of havoc in my country thou am not even proud of them

I wrote this letter to you for appealing

I lost an opportunity because of what you have done in our naira note

The exchange rate is too much; I have not even made that kind of money

That is where my experience comes from

That is where my knowledge comes from

That is when my eyes open to understand how important you are for any successful journey

That is why I compose this special poem for you, please have mercy on our little naira note

Do you know the most painful part of it?

Is that it is a little money in US

An amount someone can even dash you just $100

Make me lost life changing opportunity

Oh! I am in tears right now

Can someone consoled me by making US dollar to understand the nature of poor ones in my country

This is an appeal to you

Our political leaders does not care about them

But with my pen and paper I do care about them

For at least they are human

But sometimes I wonder how can a piece of paper

Sending millions of people in poverty

A piece of paper that man printed out, design it and colour it

Is causing all this havoc, this is indeed a spirit

What make man to search for it morning, afternoon and night?

Is indeed very valuable for sweet life

US dollar have someone in Nigeria wrote to you before,

Well, I am sorry if none temper justice with mercy

Maybe, they have not yet realized about your doings because they are not a writer

Have mercy on us

Have mercy on our people

Have mercy on Africans

Have mercy on Nigeria

Stop increasing, stop us on poverty, and stop causing havoc

This is my letter to you.



















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