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Friday 22 April 2022

It's over mate

get drunk,I wake up,am wasted.
I realized the time I wasted.
I feel like I can't carry the weight anymore.
But I'll be fucked up if you can't be right here.

I know I have fucked up.
You gave me your love but I messed it all up.
I know you are slowly moving on.
I know you have no inch of trust left in you for me.

I promised I will never let go.
But I guess certain things are out of our control.
Getting over you has been the hardest thing I have ever experienced.
I feel the weight falling on me like a pillar.
You have been in my life too long that I can't stand the fear of loosing you.

Though we both cheated.
We had our ups and downs but we fought through them.
We had our worse and good times together.
But I guess the storm has thrown our boat of love overboard.

My friends tell me am a fool to think that your the one for me.
But I guess am just a sucker for love.
I still can't believe that my first love won't be around.
You have been my worst distraction.
My angel sent from above.
My rythm and blues.

All my friends are tired of hearing how I miss you.
But I kinda feel sorry for them because they will never know you the way I do.
You have been with me through thick and thin.
And I feel unlucky to ever loose you.

I know we weren't perfect.
But I have never felt this way for no one.
I just can't imagine how I will survive now that you are gone.
I guess you didn't mean what you wrote in that song about me..
You said forever,but now am all alone.

I still see your face in my dreams.
I can't walk through the places we use to go to.
cause I still fuckin love you.
Even though we are not together anymore.
I still think about you every single minute that passes by.

when I get married and have my kids.
I will tell them about the woman who changed the course of my life.
Who made me believe that love is only disastrous when you fall into the wrong hands.

I guess I have learnt my lesson.
I will keep moving like a rolling stone
Because I can't blame anyone if I fall into the wrong hands again.

I know how time flies only yesterday was a time of our lives.
My friends tell me
I know you love her, but it's over mate.
It doesn't matter let her go.
It's never easy to walk away but let her go
you will be okay.

I know it's gonna hurt for some time.
But don't worry I'll find someone else like you.
Don't forget me I beg.
I'll remember you once said
sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.
It's over I guess and I have to let you go.
I'll be just fine.


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