Collins Aiterebhe

Biography: ...I recall the pernicious vent of inanity, an attorney of songs; a kiss of imaginative empathy that dwells occasionally in artistic isolation!

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Collins Aiterebhe
Friday 30 October 2020


Gold-plated evening sun
Beauty cut-across
Beams of hope
Frame of creation
Time and courage
Are in your eyes


Evening sun
Mercuric pyrotechnic
Over Lagos coastal lines
I feel your peace
I feel your warmth
I see it cut across the Atlantic
Mimicking the coolant waves


I want to follow you
Away from this restless bed
Eaten off by nights
Nights that cloud my Africa
And blind it to the luminance
Of life's very essence


But I fear
Your stay like ours
Is cut short


        -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


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Precious Olite

Precious Olite
5/26/2021 4:56:57 AM

Under the orange ray of dusk,

The sun is a mediator of two hands
Joined as one in love.

Victoria Stephen

Victoria Stephen
4/29/2021 3:44:07 PM

I just wish love can see me through the moonlight, set up a light for me in the darkness and guide me till am lost no more..