Collins Aiterebhe

Biography: ...I recall the pernicious vent of inanity, an attorney of songs; a kiss of imaginative empathy that dwells occasionally in artistic isolation!

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Collins Aiterebhe
Wednesday 28 February 2024


Now see what you made me

A fowling prey 

Humanoid beast

Clearly you've upturned me

Saint of courage and truth

You've masked me up in shields 

When all I ever asked

Was a bread and a shirt

A home and a life

You promised lights in my Savanna 

Meadow pastures in the Sahara

You coerce my very intent 

To mean pain and threat

You annoy my human nature

To halt my spawning resolve

To stop you

You sent after me

Innocent knights uncrowned 

In the openness of fairness

You murdered my Madela 

You paranoia my chastity 

With bitterness and enmity 

To your philosophies I concur

But your arrogance I abhor 

Your bright degrees

Spurn wild decrees 

That meant nothing but sin

Now my quest is vengeance 

I still yearn your repentance 

As though I became a sword 

To sally the bitterness of your rot

           -Poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Tuesday 10 October 2023


Coolest of night winds

Beauty of the third-eye 

The sun and moon

Sparkling in Brisbane

In long ambers of light

Of tallest appendage 

And bright magnificence 

Tahnan, aura of frankincense 

Peculiar; sui generis 

Cider of berries 

BeYOUTHiful; eccentric 

Your life is bundle of light 

Upon which I write tonight

Star of a million years 

Betrothed to nature 

No brushes; no lashes

Smiles are your pen picture

Cut off the perfect set of your teeth 

White like snowflakes 

Adoring your choir voice 

Like rushing crystals of lilies

Your heart is mild like cinnamon 

Softer than fur

The translucence of love

Upon which I plead a victim!

                  -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Monday 9 October 2023


Once I've gone through water

In the name of the Father

Son and Holy Ghost

I've come before Pontiffs 

At the Blessed Sacrament of Christ

I've taken bread; wine

Of His Holy Body and Blood

A ritual I hardly fathome 

Countlessly, I've knelt in the pew

My heart broken in nodes

Rosary vibes; benediction 

White robes of human-angels

Sprinkling Holy Water

On hardened hearts of slabs

I shock at stickless sermons 

Of Holy Mass of Matrimony  

And then before me

Is the reality of my world

How myself in a wild dance

Of heightened faith

Have mimicked love 

To a private joke

How in a ballad of tears

I've doctored myself a dunce

When love itself should be 

The true religion of man!


                 -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Friday 24 February 2023


Until today alone

Power is never in the thumb

Today we reach the carrefour 

Where decisions of our lives

Are made in discreet

We gather in queues 

To redesign destinies

Of us and posterity unborn 

Unyielding in change 

Our very essence in life

Is now a thumb away

Today we gather

Not for piecemeals or nuts

Wisely for the change

Wisely even more

For the attainment

Of hopes and aspirations

On the day Jacob met the angel

He egged on his robe

To acquire the blessings of his life

Eight years is long

Stand affirm soul brother

Stand and vote

Against tribe; against bribe

Against sufferings that abide

Turn this malignant tide

To stop coming and going

Like Ogbanje to our land!

       -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Wednesday 22 February 2023


It's been long I see your face

The warmth of your cozy nights

Of breakless river bed

Streamside exchange

Down the sput of Kolo creek

Love of my ethical being


The long stroll 

To King Koko's Square

Mitigated stony roads

Of Nembe Bassambiri

Ogbolomabiri my blood

Where I have pledged my heart

To always return at your river side


I miss the hospitality of your clan

The Alagoas and perewinkle 

I long to eat kekefia

With lads from Ama-kalakala

And move my proud chest

Way up Edepie 


Funerals on Fridays

Take chuckling kids

Wine gorging men

I usually would stay up

To watch the rolling waist 

Of young riverine girls


        -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Wednesday 25 January 2023


Yesterday I emptied my soul 

By your bed

My life the dark solitude

Of the lone star🌟in a hasy night

Yesterday I faded to white ashes

To life inconsequential

To man's inhumanity to woman...

                  -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Sunday 7 May 2023


I hope you sail across the stars 

In the brightest ambers of clouds

Your bed shall be pearls

Tall rocky angels

Shall comfort you with jelly wings


I hope you dine in the moon🌕

In the very beauty of lights

Where no cronies can lay further siege 

Your paths are well preserved

Rest my friend, rest


I hope you sleep all day

Beyond the nitty life of an AirmanY

You've lived with songs evergreen

In the likes of Bachamas


For so you shsll Trailer on

And gaggle in the winds

Your lights shall glare

Like gas in Andoni 


Then we shall meet again

To gather lilies in the stars

The wild bear and stag

Shall bear no further hurt


But till then sleep... Sleep dear friend!


        -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Tuesday 25 October 2022


You shall soon leave us Bubu

Hard as it may to grapple

After the manner you took us hill-top

Our hearts swollen with hopes

All, a muddled syntax


You shall soon leave us

Poor innocent rovers

Betrothed to wait

By comatose injunctions

Of spiralling cost

Empty pockets of jobless fellows

Eager all night for a change


You shall leave us Bubu

Soon you shall

And tarry into pages

Enigma; obstinate 

These days are counting


You shall leave us Bubu

Soon you shall drop

From Top to Bottom

To taste the bitter brew

Of your eight years rule!


          -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Friday 21 October 2022


In the morning mist of haze

I've always wondered at your riverside

How so long your face

Span the dense tropic of greeneries

Overlaying the mystic hides of jungle drums

Your aquatic splendour

Sprawl under a canopy

Of creepy-ropy eucalyptus

Basin of your watercourse 

Flowing in an estuary 

Of super-silveric foil

Ageless; tirelessly

You mimic the full moon🌕

Mother; Immortal

Immaculately, chanting Nightingales

Adorn your rushing crystals

Your bright concerto

Sings beyond the Cape of Good Hope

Far beyond places beyond

Splash me the ambers of your fame

And yet in the morning mist of haze

I shall return to the wonder at your riverside!


       - poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Friday 21 October 2022



Dreaded edges of the sun🌞

Mirrored visions of isolation

Smashing young daffodils

On the deepest monster of hate

Nostalgia and dry day

Maul me with might

Mystery of the night

Songs in bleated tones

Of dead saxophonist 

Raise my soul to sea-puss

Destiny rode me like chip

Away from your egalitarian eyes of pride

Your bold and haunting cosmology

The ecstasy of our childhood

I miss you friends; all of you

Flapping ligats

In the sea depth of love

Snoring in breakless silence of mud

As our earth entwined

To bring us in separate spheres 

We flew; all for good!


      - poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Friday 21 October 2022

The Fulanis At Kubwa Train Station

Taken in dabbling infractions of uncertainties

The Fulanis shrewed long faces

To a corner at the wait

Male, female; clustering

Tall with catapulting beauty 

Of long plaited braids

Younglings with resilient effort

Curved over slim backs

To suck saggered breasts

The women carry Nunu pots on their head 

And chuckle with voices of song

Suited for Hindu play 

Hard as it may to grasp 

One shouted, 'chukuyimiri!'

The train bellied on from afar

Setting waiters to queue

The Fulanis did not queue

They never rush at accomplishing an intent

They took gangways to the brim

Sitting to our film

Holding out cattlesticks

Like soldiers on a sentry watch

Such was the delight

One shouted again, 'Itingiri!'

As if to say it's moving

And their long smile

Tarried into the distance


               - poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Tuesday 21 June 2022


It's been long I see your face Kpangeyi

The young night and oils of my lamp dried

Yet I continued the journey to see you

Kpangeyi I pleaded Kateregi; the others

To lend me oil

In their usual manner

They've declined

Stingy envits of love

Am all alone Kpangeyi

Dabbling bushes and swamps 

Far from the beauties of Nupe and her emirate

The quest is pursuit of love

And in it I shall behold you Kpangeyi

Or at worst you shall hear my exploits

What daunting adventure I had to take 

In the order that I reach you

Now I've come to you Kpangeyi 

My bloodied eyes and soar kneels

All stare you in the arms of Edati


                 -poems of  Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Tuesday 22 February 2022


We shall meet again Giorgio Baboni

We shall meet to volley in Lapalud

The white clads of winter

Shall shatter our dark coats

In the daylight stroll to Spar

At the mayor's county

Overlooking Placé Morale

I shall hid my face in fear

Away from Gendarmerie 

The sundset and sundown

With visits at Decathlon 

Young girls of this countryside

Shall yell our union

In the manner we join hands and walk

White and black

You will wave them with a smile

Ticketing the train to Avignon

Montellimar, Nantes and Lyon

To see the brothers at the Kingdom Hall

I shall enjoy sisterly hugs

France is home and beauty

But you my friend

You are the union of the world

The defeat of racism!

              -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Sunday 20 February 2022

I Am The Victim Of Myself

In my wordless contraption of soul-world
Deep in the voyage of hearts
I hear my infinite self recoil
Speaking in complicated voices
O rushing genes
Flashing back and forth
Like waves of the Atlantic
In the inner latitudes of void
My messages are empty
Filled with wordless capitalisation of souls
I muse from words to words
An imaginative dunce
Quiet when most I should speak
A poor pensive dude
Flexing the emotions of energy
My head the binary of infusions
Of which I write to free my mind
These bright metaphysic lights
Years have flashed me
In a dark expedition of solitude
Whose abstract epitome
I am the victim of myself.

                               -poems ofCollins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Thursday 17 February 2022


Tallest mahogany; unbending

Under the tact tutelage of parentage

Indomitable; a flint rover

Who walked the longest journey

Sweated giant strides

Every step is the echo

Of which I became the music


My mother is Iyelogbe

The brightest of ambers

Amazonian priestess

Of rolling gaiety of spruce

In her umbrellic ambience

I am a shielded gad

Feathered from the imploring eyes

Of the wild hawk


And when the mortals sound

Iyelogbe will march forward

Rigorously like a foot soldier

Standing my go-between

Like man of every instance

Defeats was her perils

Her head darken with blood

That I be the victor 


You will meet your glory in the skies

As I may never be able to pay

Words too are not enough

I crest you in the wind

The world has known you today!


           -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Saturday 12 February 2022


The golden sun 🌞
Dies slowly in the distance
O'er dark shadowy clouds
Of bats and owls
Settling in their nighttime life
The seagull returns to bird island
Olaiva will you return?

Yesterday so rough
I worked the tough
In cold oddities
To bear you goodies
For you I was mad
I gave all I had 

The laughing sun is out
With bright rainbowy clouds
Bats and owls now home
In their woods
To return is constant
Olaiva will you please return?

                          -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Wednesday 26 January 2022


Life on a hase

Swinging in shifts

Of prodded hew 

Childhood conspiracy

My wet prints

Dusted in coated frankincense

Of dark murk

Face wrinkled 

Way before I became 30

And barter - a - barter

The cold tempest waggled 

In decades of perpendicular hay

Disguised dilemma

Wild infractions and splashing gust

Gobbed my face

To strange fossil brands

Life in frozen pathway 

Of the infant lizard 

Man has created god in his image

In his abysmal obsession with wealth

At his infinite play of misery

My emotions yaw

Tottering vast with inclinations

Of red coastal myriads

Soupcon commoners 

We the pinch of saga

Are betrayed by smurch reputation

In a terrible conspiracy of silence

Everyday in my tall country

Great impasse offset our expectations

Leaving us to swim a long river


                  -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Monday 30 August 2021


Man's underhandedness

Nature's most made

Nigerians of my time

Are brave drudgers

Vibrant visionaires

Partakers in the new world 

They are worn audience

At a dead stage 

Of crook comedians

With bleak suspense

Spawning sweat

Like heat of sun 

Quick to ajudge

Quick to forgo 

Nigerians of my time

Will set a wild fire 

That goes out 

By drop of little water

Yet they will vote the devil

A thousand-time 

And go on 

With bright complaining smiles

Perpendicular followers 

Disgruntled in the pace 

Broken to promises 

Pacified by hope 

Poor Nigerians of my time

Who have no say in the matter 

The goal of greatness 

Is leaders' and the led 

But Nigerians of my time

Whenever ready

Can achieve any goal 

And ethnic bigots 

Religious extremists

In whose cyclone 

The Nigerians of my time 

Are spinning 

And shall spin to safety!

           -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Friday 23 April 2021

Do Not Go Nigeria

Do not go Nigeria

Do not break

Stay, lets restart again

Away from the point

Where we ditched our foot

And I restructure your face

To the beauty you once were

Stay Nigeria

Do not go

Stay with love

Let that love appease the dead

Whose innocent spirit

Wail endlessly

For vengeance 

Stay as entity

Not majorities

Not minorities

We all are majors

And together 

We shall rebuild again

Stay Nigeria, stay

And write unity 

In your name

Stay to defend your peace

Stay with clear conscience

I love your cynosures of ridges

Cresending Jos plateau 

I love the aquatic sprawl of Lagos

Stay, Nigeria stay

I cannot pay visa

To visit Onitsha!

        -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Monday 19 April 2021


Sorry if I became too poetic

I never was one to talk straight

If my words rend asunder 

Your soul and spirit

Sorry again

I spoke from the deepest of my life

The truest of hearts

Once I took you for the moon

The clouds and cold winds 

You were a star 

Shedded by the day

Hard to find 

You were my night-time sun 

The beauties locked about you 

I saw to it 

We purge them out

But I turned insulator 

The moment you became a timeless voltage

The edges of my words were dreaded

And enough to draw hot tears

I never fit fist at a feminine

I never will hit you Felicity!

      -poems of Collins Aiterebhe 


Collins Aiterebhe
Friday 4 December 2020


Lastnight echoes rain

The little children

Gathered by the moon

To overhear

Streams of moonlight tales

Itekun told of herself

The clapping star

The yellow reef

Of hollowing trees

Of spite and rage

Who for a moment

Could cease the wind

With purple thunder

And sea them to halt

Itekun is melania tree

Firm and jelly

Itekun is nothing!


      - poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Saturday 21 November 2020


Variant of Edo-Esan

Colourifically flamboyant


Superboyantly acrobatic 




To a traffic of stunned audience


Bright magnificence

Masquerade of the three

natures of man

Tall, medium and small


A hardware ghost

Intermidiary of gods and man

Who erupts from the soil

With a gbigi-gbigi bell

Killer of Oduma's show

That four-faced monster

With a long tail


Spinning guts

Of stellar conformities

Funtastically brilliant

Dance of the spirits

Drawing applause

From skewed stubborn faces!

     -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Wednesday 18 November 2020


The mother

The child at the back

Both are a bondage

Many the travails 

Of our soul

Many also the tide

That begrudge us

And set us distance

Way up our goals

But loose me

Let me fall to space

Loose me 

To endless manoeuvres

Loose me to the wind

Loose me 

To spread your song

And cause karma 

To dance your tune

You can't go

If you hold me here

You won't grow

When I can't flow

Loose me

Loose me to free you!

      -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Sunday 1 November 2020



You stood up

As candid as a mirror 

Languishing in pain

I drove you to the dentist 

To have your tooth fixed

Under the arch of pain

To do and not to do

You lit the fire of love

And in your eyes

I saw the glint

The humming bird

Sang quiki quaki

Our souls budded 

in chemistry

And rode way beyond

the heavenlies 


          -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Sunday 1 November 2020


At 6
The last fire is the yellow commercial stop & picks
Pile-up the place with Ga-la-la music
The Owo-mi-das are no more
And the traffic of heads as worst
Make kolanut toothed Banbi-Allahs smile
Iya Akpatis hop lightly-gently
In their best to keep away from detonating knockouts


The kids
Running higgy-hagga
Shouting, dancing...
In the daze of the dying sun
Catapults a frenzy aroma of merriment
Life can't be any more pleasant
No more the oya-werey rhetorics
No more the churlish rants of Iya-la-ye ees
But purple prose of cheerfulness
"My padi, show go dey?... No yawa"
Ornate rebranding of messy roundabout
Horn blaring of trailers; a raucous
Causing counter-rhythmic euphony of songs...
To set Boundary, Ajegunle ready for another xmas!


            -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Sunday 1 November 2020


Unbusy Lagos train swells my chest to dark memory
'Shift, shift' - crowded pews of high cathedrals
No seats even
Yet Pale love hammered hatred
'Kill am; kill am' - a vire wind
Empty deaths of old mind ghost wreck havoc
Wandering passions concur to selfish instinct; hypocrisy
'Eyah! Eyah!' We move on
On the harshest wing of irony
I swing through the spaces of thoughts
With shallowed hope
I indict the travails of my soul to taste justice
I had never thought of it
How so lonely I am here
Leaders; downpressors offer heidious promises of burnt bread
To achieve their eternal targets of fair flowers
And appease a retrogressive change in broken ladders
Before this black dream I write time - be prepared
Oppressors determine the nature of struggle
Time has date in the memory of pain
Tall trees shall spring these barren zones
To avenge this viral swung of red fire-flies

                         -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Friday 30 October 2020


Coming to school today was pretty pointless

I was expecting a friend to bring me tickets for graduation

But She never came

Now am stuck here all day

While the underclassmen take their exams

Naturally, am passing the next two and a half hour on the internet

Waiting for Chemistry class

So I can see my friends one last time before I leave this place for good

(Untill Saturday that is)

Am kind of wondering what the weather is like in England

I can't tell you how much I love the rain

Especially in late Spring

If I ever get to be a rock star

My first video will have rain in it

Always, I was just thinking of you

It amuses me that we talk every now and again

Despite the fact that we met in a chat room

I muse from time to time

Over what yours eyes must look like

I think I told you

I can never look some people straight in the eye

For fear that my soul will burn theirs

Well, time to change my song again

I'll talk to you later...

I never was one to linger on a conversation.

        -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Friday 30 October 2020


Gold-plated evening sun
Beauty cut-across
Beams of hope
Frame of creation
Time and courage
Are in your eyes


Evening sun
Mercuric pyrotechnic
Over Lagos coastal lines
I feel your peace
I feel your warmth
I see it cut across the Atlantic
Mimicking the coolant waves


I want to follow you
Away from this restless bed
Eaten off by nights
Nights that cloud my Africa
And blind it to the luminance
Of life's very essence


But I fear
Your stay like ours
Is cut short


        -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Friday 30 October 2020


On your request for total love

It's better in time I lay shots

For love herself has no key

To set a countryman at peace

We meddled and cuddled

From cold night winds

For the best you seek 

My night might still quiver

I can't please a young girl

In the spike of youth

Am old man now

And upon winter's tale

I cherish more the shallowness

Of the fire-place of thoughts 

Of you though

I worry becoming unfit

So I will lead you to the clanging bell

I will lead you to the field of yellow daffodils

In central Yorkshire

Together we can dance

In the rains of England

By the edges of the sea

Cockshot with drowse

I can sing you lullaby

To achieve the tragic balance

Of broken spaces

I was never one to love completely

I am an Army Airman

And my love is with the skies!

          -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Thursday 29 October 2020


Sine aspect rush of hardened slabs
Howl sprawl with diving stripes
Overseeing eyes of the gods
Plough over towns; downs of cities
And surfing and dining with snow-white sky
Along stony coast of the savanna
Your beauty unyielding
Spurts across arid paths; arid borderways
With counter-rhythmic respite
You fell in a sinusoidal-wavy gorge
Into the deep clutch of heights
You have not wane nor wither
Foxy Mambila; alluring like Habila
Cute cartel, bride; ever young
I love the siesta lull at your feet
The warmth of your evening dryness
I love your cynosures of ridges and climbing hills
Cresending Numan; across Jos Plateau 
Leaving the plungy harmony of the cactus
And diving far, far and beyond places beyond
About this country, something is beautiful
But we become a moon in the bucket of unsteady waters
Wild creatures preying its own
Only you Mambila is forever peace! 


                 -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Thursday 29 October 2020


It follows me like a spy

It holds me like a tie

It's stubborn lika a scar 

And never leaves me far


Lion goes toothless

Scorpion stingless

Where can't I stand

Oh this God's Hand!


          -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Monday 26 October 2020


My been born on the 9th of June
Redefines me an attorney of songs
A kiss of imaginative empathy
That dwells occasionally in artistic


I, Collins recalls the pernicious vent
of inanity
A voice of humanity
Venting issues with the metaphors
of bluntness!

              -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Sunday 25 October 2020


Dun- coloured finch
Gray brownish
Red bill and rump
Variant of attractive colours
And willowy body of waves
Inconspicuously fascinating

'Tzzzt tzzzt' you call
High pitched; eerie
Twittering and buzzing
To the whizzing light of the sun

Tirelessly over sedges
You sidle to and fro
Standing boldly with tenanty
Unsliding on bending graintops

Queen of rivershores
Master of lagoon sandbanks
Glory of marshes and swamps
Grace of estuaries

Anambra waxbill bird
Proudly called Estrilda Poliopareia
Uniquely Nigerian; pale eyes
Owning to your south southedness 

I am tall and granulated too
Ready to fly in earnest
But humans are a gargoyle!

                     -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Sunday 25 October 2020

NOT AFRAID (for Lekki massacres)

Life passes hauntingly before me
Melting down in dawn's eyes
Of deserted flats of difficult stones
On twisted foreign roads

Innocent protesters' blood
Spilled across gates
Gates of greedy bigotry nibs 

In whose reckless contraption
You were undone and not afraid
Our tears of 60 years
Eloped and reached the brim
As the sad Owl
Watches with wide ambiguities!

                      -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Wednesday 27 March 2024


Many are the hazards of our voyage

Greater the perplexities of 

mute indifference

We are become a flippant piece 

An invincible impression

A leaking frigate


So we rose to face this wind

With our last firebrand

While they yet laugh and lie

This storm surely must die!


       -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Monday 19 October 2020

BEFORE THE HARD CLAPPING (For those that died of coronavirus)

Cleavages of the earth

Open to take my salty tears,

Far from within; 

And deep, in the shackles of hopelessness

My heart is bridled with pain

In the ravelling clutch of plague

I carry ocean my sweat 

Eyes of the unseen survey

Curse history incomplete without me

The virology of virulent waves

Laying man and mankind a waste

Before this great dread of mischief

I cry time to suffer cure

And bury this fit of fear

With unwholesome slur

Before the hard clapping

I plead the thunders of hallelujah

To rain mercy

And re-elude our joy!


           - Poems of Collins Aitetebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Sunday 18 October 2020


If there are girls actually high in
I met one sometime in the sun
Her nails were long
She stood six feet tall
To tempt night to fall

If there are girls actually high in
She will stand the moon
Her eyes dim and blue
She is diva; viva forever
She crawls up like viper
To sting me thither

Girls high in desires
Are hollowing flowers
Some awk tulips
Creamy at the top
Hostile at the limbs

If there are girls actually high in
They glow like stars
Given to shine
As beauty and desires
Are what the world is made

                        -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Wednesday 14 October 2020


Night rain thundered endlessly
Out of the tower of faith
Beneath darkness and light
You dropped it on my lap
Your pen yet full with ink
And reluctantly, it fell to the ground

Ozidi saga the wild wind
Gathers cloud
To stand the wives' revolt
We left akimbo
And pleaded your star to stay
But in the early of the morning
Mbari the sun drifted west

The raft rift apart
The masquerade with long face
Danced the song of a goat
Streamside exchanged
And the priestess of Abiku
Sprang like a reed in the tide

It was all too late
The boat has set sail
And the other Clark 
While now standing in
Announced: Bekederemo of kiagbodo
With a decade of tongues
Has gone to see the casualties

Like Mandela 
Bright rainbows
Shall bestride your head
Like a fallen soldier
Tall angels shall relief you
At the gate of yellow reed
You have lived and died a man!

       -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Sunday 11 October 2020


My girl is upstreet girl
Everyday in the morning
She comes back drowsy
Her eyes heavy with sleep

My girl is upstreet girl
Her name: Lady Don't Dull
Stern and avaricious; ambitious
No time for shoddy deals

Heels turned her 6ft plus
Her shots devil-tailored
Shoved up her thighs
With lingeries of bright mascara
Slaying open her cleavage
In an unusual night work-dress

There along Sanusi Fafunwa
She peddles like a pendulum
Bubbling; popping like bubble gum
Her trade is dusk till dawn
Briddled with brisk determination
That sometimes take her up Allen Avenue

She is upstreet girl!
She is upstreet girl!

Possessed with fat pocket
Unlided by luxury
Obsessed in a man's wealth
Not the potency of his third leg

I contemplated her many times
But last December
She threw me in dilemma 
When she caught mama by the heart!

             -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Tuesday 6 October 2020


For I also stood dazed 

Each time I come upon your ceaseless flow

Rigmaroling to and fro

Jingling melodies of sweet per-thousand-nightingales

Nights of chanting impious souls

Defies the innocence of your transparency

Your well-won-war

Over grief, stake and strife

Vast vibrant virtues 

Spurring no enemity, nor pride; nor pain

How long must you be silent then

Impel; impel them to look, listen and learn

The menaces of their apathy

Their polluting fallacy

And from your colourless sleek of meekness

Do splash your undiluting splendour

Water you ever will be

Soak souls still

With the reminiscence 

Of your ceaseless flow!


          -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Tuesday 6 October 2020


I return you the protection of my most ungrudging love
I am a fair flower; a lake on a plain
Be careful how you drive me crazy
I am witless; a harmless fool
Mad in patches; full of lucid intervals

The sea roars; the horrid river flows
Yet my love is unflinching
It is the piercing point
That pours no rage
An archangel of negritude
I'm a ghetto exponent

Human's may lurk hate in love
But divine love that doesn't change
Is the very nature of my soul

So love me also like a boundless river
With the climax that deafens heroes
Let that love subdue me
Yes me, an obstinate creature
A polyphony of rarity
A tiny- little span

Let your love be my luckiest thing
On whose verge, my humanity shall die
Consumed in a broken monody
Of death's very content
With webbed tensions; no fear
My nights lean to you
Lackluster man's life 
Spent in a whirling pool of spite

So come away woman; hurry
We must catch up with tall angels
Angels with freezing ribs to attend us!


          -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Tuesday 6 October 2020


Hail her

Ever priceless

Ever precious

Hail her

In whose prowess

We push to progress

Hail her 

In whose strenght

We made birth

Hail her

Who cuddles us

Like a purse

Hail her 

As ever as never

Forever and ever

Hail her


Great rover!

           -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Friday 2 October 2020


I still remember you always 

They just don't go

Your lush hair

Combed in styling waves

Dark upon you

Like twigs of the jacarady


Fairest of all; yellow melanin

As such in those days

I no longer stroll the sea shore

To pick fish from weary fishermen

Battling with tawny nets

Bar Beach is now a distance

Far off Ahmadu Bello Way

And you must pay to see the waves


We will abandon chores at 4

And dash off to Sand Field

To play 'monkey post'

With the lads from Apese

You were a game delight

With devoirs as you tuss the ball

Our team scammpered

The moment you demise


I never visited VISS again

Since I left her once for good

But I hear she is doing fine

And our friends at school

Have turned men with might


You will be throwing broken javelin

To hull down stubborn almond fruits

As we stroll home on school ways

About peers, we were a pair

Loafty childhood days


But We shall meet again

Reuben Ugochukwu Peter

We shall meet

At the large gathering of stars

The rainbow shall bestride us

Until then, GOODNIGHT!


          -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Thursday 1 October 2020


Stranger than the night that beclouds me

The thin weary lines of gall

Hung injustice heavy

With scary spikes of dark blood

Splashed over-walls of care-taker men

My goose-pimples stood akin

To render my courage half-dead 

I saw flashes of the daylight

And I was awake!

            -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Monday 14 September 2020


Hard clap of lightenings

Lay icy hands on barren spots


Victim narrative

My soul gleams


My heart swims back 

In basking prologue of soul brothers

Found and left abroad


And dreams in travelling craft


Once at home

I shall be inputed with deaths


I died once before; we die always

I have died a-million time


My nameless sin sings

And has faded at the betrayed cross


Heaven was here before

Africa was once a beauty!


              -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Sunday 13 September 2020


How long the epilogue

Understands the prologue

I dreamt life to be

The night has heart

Which men must eat

But our final estranglement

Prepared in secrecy

Will lead us through

This unending fire-bolt

And mortal music


             -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Sunday 13 September 2020


Viled Artemis

Squeak wrinkles

Intersperse the wall

Like stripes of mancho vein


Feasting termites

Soft piercing plumpy bugs

Insatiable like raven

Eager for more crumbs


Sleak paraboic

Spreading gust

Like wide fires of Australia

Drowsily; rousy with dust


This house is breaking

Its foundation is shaky even

All-a-quiver; settlers and denizen

Hope is anemic; cadaverous 


This house is breaking

Breaking loose with contagion

Its fences have fallen over

Over on other rooftops and beyond


        -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Sunday 13 September 2020


Bright flashes - meteors

Solar wind of flares

Barrage debris of boulders

Dangerous than billions of 

hydrogen bombs

Cosmic radiation of the sun

A visible aurora

The astronomy of physics

Of relentless gale-force

of meteoriods

In this galactics of shooting gallery

A big blue ball is swimming

With relative impunity

Stretching to space an amazing armour

Of tinted atmosphere of ozones

And spinning gut of molten iron

A prime real estate, a perfect powerhouse

A strong appearance of design;

Cleverly engineered

Beyond remarkably steep angles

To defeat transcripted biomimetics 

And rubbish the human mimicry

That earth was just by chance!


                -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Sunday 13 September 2020


Let fire flies fall

Let the mountains crack

My love shall still remain


Bury your gray eyes in my dark

Hug me into your frankincense 

From Cote d'Azur to Brittany 


We shall sit above the blue sky

And oversee the blue sea

Of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc


The white dove flourishes it tail

We shall walk Eiffel Tower in fist-lock

And down even to Arc de Triomphe 


Our differences died 

To the mirrored ignorance

Of amazed white faces


I vowed to love you forever

To the heavenlies

And nevertheless 


      -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


Collins Aiterebhe
Saturday 12 September 2020


One Fr John Bull

Of the Elizabethan faith

Took Tolu and Uloma

Blind underage virgins

Veilless brides


Bako led emissaries

Wide and tall


Love danced at a million mile

To the dead lullaby

Of stuttering rifle shots

Rites were paid with haste

And the South was given away!


       -poems of Collins Aiterebhe



Collins Aiterebhe
Saturday 12 September 2020


I died yesterday

The rosy sky was blue

Yet no path helds sway

Hope dangled with no clue


I died yesterday

Under the weight of humiliation

Following your arrival in May

The birth of recession


I died yesterday

Before your very eyes

Ranchers made slay

And you say all are but lies


I died yesterday

Yes I died, to deluding promises

Buried to decay

With empty eulogies


I died to give change a new name

The very holiness you portray

A lopsided nepotic charade you became

Integrity I never knew could betray


I died, I died

Yet you appointed me a deadman

Charred and dried

Indeed, you need a scan


I died yesterday

I died for sinners outside your clique

Hunted in utter dismay

In your reawakened rise to the peak


I died in the open monastery

The zenith of religious intolerance

The height of unguided mystery 

Egregiously watching us in glance!


          -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


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