Valentine Okolo

Biography: Valentine Okolo is a poet, a filmmaker, a social activist and a spoken word artist. He is the author of the book: I Will Be Silent and the studio album I Will Be Silent: Spoken Words. His poetry has been published internationally in various literary magazines, including Apogee Journal, Origins Journal, Shot Glass Journal, African Writer and Best New African Poets 2018 Anthology, edited by Tendai Rinos Mwanaka & Nsah Mala. An anthology of African poetry which brings together the work of 154 African poets from over 30 African countries, and the African Diasporas. His work was also featured in a community based pandemic poem, along with the lines of 220 other poets, selected from sixteen countries from across the globe. This community poem was published by Muse-Pie Press, a literary establishment based in the United States, which has been publishing award-winning poetry since 1980.

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Valentine Okolo
Sunday 12 December 2021

Black Girl

is dark 
in honey.
You are
a delicious 
of melanin.
















































































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