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Similoluwa Adedoyin
Wednesday 16 March 2022

Our old men

Our old men are wrinkle and full of age

The tears of the mothers rings loud

The fathers have lost hope

Where is the sound of the abundance

Where is the giant of Africa

Lost in the bottomless pit of debt

The painful grasp of terrorism

The cancerous sweet bitter shackles of corruption

It seems like the hair of the elders are dyed. 

For an adage in Yoruba says,

'Agba kin wa loja kori omo tuntun wo.

Yet, the head of the nation itself is broken

My nation as become a dog with no tooth.

A scrambling beggar with no choice

Arise Nigeria

Arise and take you place

You who eat for strength.

For woe to the kingdom who's king is a child and the princes eat in the morning.

Woe to the nation where pocketalism is their way of life.

We need to find the right way

We need to find the right path.

We need to arise and cause change

No by sword or by guns

Our PVC is our strength

Don't sell your birth right for a morsel of bread


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