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Oghenerhoro Oghogho
Friday 24 February 2023


I wish I could look at your face again
But how do I with my eyes mustering 
Tears which soon break down the cheeks
My mouth lame I can't say the word

The memories are all I have left
Times we shared in gloom and bliss
Those laughter hurt and frowns
They are all coming back at me

When you get to the land beyond
Reach for my mother and tell her
I see her in my dreams when I sleep
Tell her she left her daughter too soon

The years have come and gone 
I thought I would find another like her
none alive matched her role and place
Her cord was the toughest bond

While these eyes drain it's tears
And heart is down under the grief
Look down from above and smile on me
My lips fret to mutter goodbye.


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