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Chuks Moks
Friday 5 April 2024

Painful bye

Twas love,
Without no disguise real love
We´ve been going strong,
Loving every moment rebukes and all 

The years came quick,
We had to leave each other
Working long distances only calls Linked
Brief visits, timed moments
Precious minutes prove so costly

A sudden call from an unknown caller,
Yeah it´s me;
I don´t get, it can´t be, I spoke with her recently,
Then it sets in,
I need to go home and get the family to set in

Her figure´s fragile,
Hands frail, looking so gloomy
Mama it´s me, no presence detected
The heart monitor still reading,
While my heart still bleeding:
I´m torn between emotions helplessly gasping, grasping, my lungs collapsing what´s happening
Then the memories flashes as the moment freezes, 
Choices made get weighed all in glance...

What is priority?
What takes priority ?
What makes priority ?


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