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Christine Chikezie
Sunday 20 September 2020


Just as the tears came rolling

Droplets of clear waters
Drenching the once smiling face
I felt cold and bitter
Silent and lonely.

I could feel the wind blowing
Lifting away scraps of trash
Filling the atmosphere with
Dusty smelly airy particles
Grave frightening noise. 

Crawled and well shielded
Like the sluggish snail
Eyes awake scamming
Shots at any predator
Yet blinks at intervals. 

Imaginary thought wavering 

Tension building higher
Heart beat racing
Pumping faster blood
Oh! Can my brain cope?

Uncertain about the future
Failure in past hunts
Expectations taunts me
Errs rearing its ugly head
Alas gleams of hope radiates. 

Faith is that weapon of war
It empowers hope into reality
Stirs up the hands of God
Commits him to perform all
Casting away all fears. 


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