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Precious Orage
Tuesday 19 November 2019


Making me regret why you left is quite inevitable
Leaving me in emotional trauma, making my thoughts so unstable
I've always wanted you back bot until I knew you've found love in a constable
You left me depressed and guilty
Guilty for the fact that all I saw in you was beauty
Beauty that made me day dream and even slept on duty
After all we shared you never thought of how I'll feel if you leave
All that came to your mind was to hurt me and leave
Due to the fact that you knew I'm soft at heart and emotionally weak
That's why you gave me a pre-notice that you'll be leaving at the end of the week
I went through a lot of pain; you made me drown in my thoughts throughout that week
You had my heart ponder and my mind grinded
You made me lose focus even when I thought I was grounded
You made me cry day and night
Tears filled my eyes making me feel that I was loosing my sight
My eyes full and closing up, swollen like I received several punches in a fight
You left me in a dilemma, making my heart an empty space
Leading me into a journey of no return through a perlous pace
You thoughts gave me the deepest touch ever, making me want to smash the ground with my face
Now you've succeeded in bleeding my heart, leaving my emotions in tragedy without a trace


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