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Alexander Adewole
Tuesday 29 June 2021



Dear Unknown Lady,

You came into his life like a brief candle and left him broken in pieces like a China plate smashed on the ground.
Was your action right or wrong?
What happened to your first love? What went wrong that could not be amended?
Love is a beautiful thing. A feeling that knows no bounds. A 22 years old lady can fall for a 34 year old man so far both love each other. But why taking counsel from wrong friends? Why believing lies peddling around to make you feel bad towards him. Is it a feeling of guilt of love or a practice of hide and seek? My lady, they have deceived you. They have infuse rejection into your life so much that when you see good thing you reject.
You came into his life when he needed u most. The feelings were mutual. The calls and messages were blissed with heaven grace. Your voice were like Angel Gabriel relaying message to Mary. But why did u leave him dejected? Why did you break his heart with heavy club?
That man you left broken is someone son. That man you left heart shattered is someone brother. Are you happy now? Have you been given the medal and award for tearing apart that man's heart?
A man heart is fragile when it comes to issues of love. But it takes time to heal that trauma you have caused.

But wait!

Didn't you talk together yesterday in school? Didn't he mention this situation to you?
But you promised such would never happened, yet it's happening now.
It's happening right in front of them.
My dear Unknown lady, know fully well that the world is a small world. We shall one day meet either on this earth or in heaven.


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