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Goodnews Sunday
Thursday 10 November 2022


Sanguinary louts infiltrate our sanctuary

Upturn pulpit to haunting mortuary

Dislodge skulls with breech while severed fresh flesh roar

Blood and water congeal altars round

Angelic edifices sting with  pain

From Owo and the globe all ring the bane 

We are up a gum tree

We wail those souls whose sole grope that woes

That sigh shocking sight we couldn’t behold

Our brethren whose melodious fellowship sleep

In the forlorn abode of gory weed

We wail wearily the undertone travail

The unbidden night  our companions trail

Nurse by cold-blooded view claques

Boohoo! Our worship ground is piled up with tears

Engorge more than brethren of faith can bear

Gunnery fills the temple of extreme religious stalwarts

Who take umbrage in sister’s bowels

Bedeck sophomores and blossoming lisson rest

In Faith War to dim one and foot  other crest

Nurse by cold-blooded view claques

From the pulpit  we shoulder sad biers

Sojourning cadavers of faithful peers

In the doldrums recounting  brazening tales

That got collusioners burst into laughter of gale

Jolly claques alone over our multiple agonies

Barrack them to boo infidel  colonies

We are up a gum tree.


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