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Alice Ana
Wednesday 11 October 2023

The tears of a woman

As cold as fire, as fast as a sloth

The salty fluid that rolls down a woman's cheek hardly can be fought

Every drop that the eyes' guardian lets go tells a different story 

Yesterday's wounds, today's pain  tomorrow's suffering 

All in one liquid reflecting

Explain a woman's tears?

They proudly showcase her fears

Listen to the untold story 

That is told in miserable glory

Each and every drop characterises a chapter of this story

The chemistry that goes on between these drops and the piece of fabric is electrifying 

It comes straight from her heart,wanting to release its ache

Her pain,her joy all embedded in one place

She-her ever emotional self trying to hide her tears from her young lads 

But there's no space for both

But as the superhero she is, she smiles blatantly and cries surreptitiously 

And at the end of the day

She stops weeping

Cleans her tears

And decides to go on with her life 

For in reality those drops only make her stronger


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