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Biography: Tanimonure Richards Adewale is a poet from Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, the homeland of the great poet, Wole Soyinka. He is a two times top 20 finalist of the BPPC Poetry contest in the year 2022. He has been published in anthologies such as Healing Hands, Beauty Of Failures, A Country Of Broken Boys and many more. He is a Teacher and Home Parent at Thames Valley College, Likosi-Sagamu, Ogun State. He can be reached on 234 913 080 5564 or

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Richards Tanimonure
Monday 23 October 2023



a land is hit

by a skinny beat.

splatters of his tongue

fly wildfires of his song;

red droplets of love

on every disciple caught. 

but a raging bullet

of sweetest of death

in every crab soul

with worn brush of head

is a glittering sheep

feeding fast his dreams

as a squealing plead

before a judas knife. 

a judas knife?

the blood of his life?

how come?

let the breeze careen 

the throat of brazen sin

as fires of rebellion,

burning a lost generation. 

let him raze that land

as an obedient task

for the horns who pinned

his sheep a big twink. 

he is a blind fire;

a senseless desire;

he is a trusted death

that dies a trusted death

as hit o'a trusted death

who rakes his sacrificed friend. 


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