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Adeola Olajide
Sunday 27 November 2022



we all gathered in a town hall,

round a round table,like in the castle of camelot.

Men equal toe to toe, shoulder to shoulder,

some attained their high status due to blood line, while others due to pure hard work.

Every one sitted equally, with respect for each other.

I was there,

Then they said we,

and am like we?

They all answered, yes we?

Am like okay, we?

They chorused "of course we"?

Then am like what we?

And the asked accordingly, what are we?

I then answered, we are what we are.

They then asked curiously,what are we specifically?

 Am like we are we.

They then muttered in confusion within one another, we are we.........

And they continue for the next 30 seconds.

I then shouted, yes we are we,

we then agreed in an accord,

we all agreed that we are what we are,

though in deep confusion.

And in the deepest part of our hearts,

we didn't know we,

or even what we are.

Now I ask you what are we?


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