Owen Hamalala

Biography: My name is owen hamalala am from zambia Am a poet who writes from within Writing poems is something i keep doing And i also draw

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Owen Hamalala
Monday 6 May 2024


Written by k2h Kvg Owen Hamalala @2020 Looking for a fresh page Embracing the new age Seeking for a fresh start Tearing my past apart Taking off my old chains Hoping all is not in vain Fighting daily to gain Trying again and again Overlooking the pain Struggling to attain Endeavoring to sustain Pushing myself so far Targeting to reach far Reaching out for stars Wishing on shooting stars Climbing into the clouds Ignoring all the doubts Knowing what counts Pulling of all the stunts Forgetting all my fears Whipping down the tears Smiling through the years Achieving what I could


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