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Monday 7 June 2021

The Day I'll Be Breathless

The Day I'll Be Breathless

I'll sleep so calm and gentle; 

No sound of a fallen needle shall 

Befall me; for my gentleness is 

Beyond the sleeping lion

The Day I'll Be Breathless

The sound of melodious birds

Will not make a pleasant song nor 

Will the clapping of the flies distract 

My journey through;

The day I'll Be Breathless

What profit have I before this day?

If my trade on earth is against the value 

Of my unseen antagonist; will I journey Through a rich man of the faith or a loser?

The Day I'll Be Breathless 

How many will be the soul I'll win

As my trophy? I'll call for peace over

The unseen battles, for peace is the  gateway through the everlasting Havens; 

The Day I'll Be  Breathless

I'll drive away The Raiders of the 

Treasures Trove which stands against the Beauty of My Roses; for no profit if I'll neglect my traitors which helps in my trading;

The Day I'll Be Breathless

I'll guide my mouth with heavy armors 

Against singing vulgar which defiles 

The value of my singing melodious hymns above and My gentleness shall be beyond the Dove over the sky.


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