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Wednesday 2 February 2022

All I Have Left

My regret is bigger than the cosmos 

And my sorrow beyond words,

Behind my eyes are tears more than the Atlantic, 

And It streams from the rupture of my pain

The days ahead are lonely

And I don't know where to start 

The house isn't homely

And I don't know how to carry on, 

The depth of my loss is deeper 

Than an abyss!

I've lost contact with her

And will never see her again, 

I'm now a single man,

I'm now all alone!

Looking back at our union

I sink in sorrow:

I broke her heart, 

I betrayed her trust, 

I never kept the marriage vow! 

Just when I finally made up my mind

To be a good man, 

And make her a happy wife 

Then came her death!

I was late!

Oh, I came late! 

What greater pain, can there be

Than never having the chance 

To show love to someone who truly loves you?

This pain is more painful than pain! 

I've failed has an husband, 

And I've hurt myself...

I wish I can have a chance 

To go on my knees 

And speak with my tears,

I wish I can have a chance 

To make things right,

I wish I can wake up 

And call this a dream...

But I'm alone with wishes

And all I have left are tears... 


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