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Mike Vincent
Tuesday 9 May 2023

Walking through chaos

this is a poem for those who battle every day and feels like you are not trying 

Been fighting for so long that I can’t stop my depression anxiety and pain all over me 

Anxiety attacks and panics attacks I can’t seem to let go of it 

Overthinking truly kills the joy of a relationship but I can’t seem to stop crying and feeling like I’m bothering the one person who is actually putting effort to get to know me for who I am 

Sometimes I get lost in this path I take hard drugs and alcohol to subdue the pain but I always end up sober 

Suicide is never an option 

I agree but the fact that you are not there when I’m crying in my darkest moments but always there to see me smiling in my brightest moments it’s the truth that I can’t comprehend and accept to myself 

The people who scared me the most were not my enemies but my closest friends that’s a reality that I can’t seem to let go 

Suicide never stop the pain you are only moving it I’m reaching out to people with suicidal tendencies or thoughts

Don’t commit suicide 

Be strong and walk through the chaos every day and night the boundless pain that you will feel in your mind body and soul is to make you stronger 

I know how it feels to be stuck in one point of your life negative emotions that you can’t comprehend but fight and you will always get what you seek in the end if you don’t see it keep searching and fighting for it


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