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Tuesday 8 November 2022

Unrighteous Saints

The chattering class labelled ex-lords oppressors,

With glib sermons, they defamed those predecessors,

Using their flaw to chase them away,

Leaving untold, their good deeds till today,

For brotherhood; we sing their freedom hymn,

Amidst paroxysm of joy we’ll be redeemed,

Time proves them Unrighteous Saints.

Rome was never built in a day,

Ours will get better in few days,

Patience! Patience! They sing to our ears,

Deterioration is the output for years,

Our disasters, they claimed were inherit,

So time regimes needed to give it merit,

Time proves them Unrighteous Saints.

We are not Moses children on their journey,

Yet cannot keep mute taking bitter honey,

Ex-lords didn’t extinct our nature,

Time ought to have quelled economic torture,

With gnashing of teeth minimized,

If nature gifts are optimized

Time proves them Unrighteous Saints.

In Singapore, the light is bright,

In Nigeria, the train fares plight,

Both had ex-lords in their saddle,

One forward, the other backward with woes double,

First, gritted commodities to survive,

Second, still seek fortune after decades of five,

Time proves the latter Unrighteous Saints.

Happy and satisfactory in defeat,

Never qualms about the ills they depict,

We now get seats outside with eagle eyes,

As other race view us from dubious sight,

Glib preachers have vended our sanity,

A trait we may get hard in perpetuity,

Time regimes prove them all Unrighteous Saints.


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