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Biography: Am a poet, musical artist and a writer

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Emmanuel Ayinoko
Monday 28 November 2022



Sometimes we are blessed, but's it hard to recieve

No don't lie to me, it's not me you"ll decieve

living fake life in the pretext of catching cruise

Well, that your way, it never mine any way

it's in the blood,Yeah, am tryna get paid get money get cash.

take it easy don't be too harsh.

yeah you should know am doing it the right way, i pray things burst my way

pave way, pave way, am a see ya to the world, am not in for competition

am just tryna get paid, and live nice

You call it desperation, but i call it determination

I"m Running my Run, I"m Running for me

Oh bad energies, don't come my way or near my lane.

i live for me and live for real

though i might not have much in this pocket for now

but seeing the sunset and sunrise is a transcedent

all i can say, is that am blessed.


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