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Obinna Jude Matthew
Saturday 7 October 2023

If and only if

If and only if

If and only if I loose my quill

Do well to question the overwhelming beauty of thy face.

If and only if I choose to try my voice in songs

Permit me to read from the lyrics crested on thy heart.

If and only if anyone doubts the efficacy of affection

Ignite the bright light of thy smile and let the blind see again.

If and only if I must be known among kings

Let me reign as your noble craftsman.

If and only if you had shown a glimpse of your presence before now

Juliet would only have existed in the fantasies of Romeo.

If and only if I must breathe my last

Spare me one last chance to profess my soft spot to thee.

If and only if I must remain a bard

Let it be known to the world that you're my muse.

© Matthew, Obinna Jude


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