Collins Aiterebhe

Biography: ...I recall the pernicious vent of inanity, an attorney of songs; a kiss of imaginative empathy that dwells occasionally in artistic isolation!

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Collins Aiterebhe
Wednesday 18 November 2020


The mother

The child at the back

Both are a bondage

Many the travails 

Of our soul

Many also the tide

That begrudge us

And set us distance

Way up our goals

But loose me

Let me fall to space

Loose me 

To endless manoeuvres

Loose me to the wind

Loose me 

To spread your song

And cause karma 

To dance your tune

You can't go

If you hold me here

You won't grow

When I can't flow

Loose me

Loose me to free you!

      -poems of Collins Aiterebhe


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