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Biography: I am a poet with the pen name Uniqueeunice,am also a model who likes reading and writing.

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Olamide Odediran
Wednesday 26 May 2021


I come from the roots

Unworthy to associate with

I come from the land

Many years ago

Termed to be filthy and degraded

Which land begat me?

The land with its soil so black

As the people who inhabit it

Where criticism and devaluation reigns

I come from the race

where skin tones define us

Just an extra dose of melanin

got us segregated and isolated

But different is the story now

With sacrifices from my ancestors 

and movements from indigenes 

I can now shout so proudly

"Am a black woman!"

I come from that land 

where babies strapped to the backs

Enjoy the warmth of motherly love

Giggling and jumping ecstatically 

In the comfort bossom of their mothers

Which land beget me?

The land where maidens dance barefooted 

Shaking their beaded waists

To the echoes of Ayangalu's drum

Unifying the sisters' bond in the air.

Where is the land I come from?

The land of love and hospitality .

Where brothers wrestle 

Not to show who is superior

But to show harmony and love

I come from that land

Where elders are like gods

With children rounded in the evenings 

To drink from their well of knowledge 

I come from Africa

Where we blend nativity with hospitality 

I am from Africa 

The home of dynamism  and creativity 

I am an African

Who is proud of her roots


24th May 2021

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