Biography: Am Oloniyo Mayowa Joshua by name from ondo State..Am an instrumentalist I played several musical instruments.. Am into a Relationship counseling, Marriage counseling, Career counseling, Family counseling..Am a music director, a listening Teacher and a poem writer also a gospel minister.


Wednesday 14 July 2021

*Why God Chose Me?*

My talents, is that what He saw long ago? I see that the answer is, "No." And my look is Just a mirror that dispels that thought, If that is why He called me, He called me for naught.

My wisdom, Not even a trace do I see. Then why, Tell me why did my Saviour call me?

And just like the wind as it glides through the sky, A voice, softly answers, "Yes, I will tell you why.

"Because, when God looked, Am nothing to see, And when God shine through nothing, then men will see Me. God call men of weakness, so I can be strong; God call even the downcast and give them a song.

"Am call out of nothing; so when something appears,Men give ME the Glory, and down through the years,It has been so, though the world is appalled: Not many noble nor wise have been called."

The poor man, the weak man, though often despised, Come alive at God's touch, and the world is surprised. The fruitless, the failures, the dregs of the earth, Become princes and kings when God's Son gives them birth.




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