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Wednesday 25 August 2021


I am greatful, i thank you for failing Them.
I am shocked, you? left me after taking them.
But why? why did you betrayed them?
But why? why did you go against your aim?

The Mutiny was to take us
Why are we still breathing ?
Their sinister is to write me a requiescat
All this, all that i still prevailed cuz.
Am too hard a shell for them to be cracking.

You needed a ride
those you are planning to send to the other side.
Am afraid you wouldn't use my car.
I have really known you for who you are this far.
Northeast ! i thank you for not taking me Sir.

And Sir! why do you leave me here for over 5years?
And Sir! you made my life so hard
I can now find comfort in my past fears.
I had a thousand bad times, so what's another
time to me?
You try to burn ny house, but it wasn't really a house to me.

Sir! Now i can take anything you give me.
By now i hope you must have known that it will
take a Little more to kill me
Even if one day you do Sir.
Thank you for the Grave,
I needed me a place to rest..
Sir! I want to tell you this.....
"You Are A Disgrace...........


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