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Mathew Chiori
Thursday 10 October 2019


if our eyes are not blurred,
and our ears can still hear-
the ranting madness of the early morning cock.

then we say,
a cat had cried like a cat
and the early morning sun had smiled as usual.

but what if
the seer can't see
the hearer can't hear
and dogs welcoming thieves
to get tips

what do we call that.


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Man Rab

Man Rab
8/4/2020 4:19:33 PM

What's the essence of caring if you can't make a difference, just like eggs, we must pass through different stages to realise our chances

Jonathan Ajayi

Jonathan Ajayi
7/26/2020 7:20:52 AM

Fate is what happens
When the chicks break and crack
From inside to life.